How Our Wi-Fi GPS Tracker Works

 Trakkit™ GPS uses Wi-Fi and the Internet to send its data, No Cellular or SIM cards, and  you can access and control your Trakkit™ from a Web Browser or Mobile App.
Here are some of the things you can do

  • Get Alerts on Location change or movement/vibration
  • No need for Cellular Service or Sim card to work
  • Auto Upload GPS logs using your phone’s hotspot or Home Wi-Fi
  • Report a device as stolen to the Trakkit™ community*
  • Set a Geo-Fence zone that defines the safe/normal area, so that when your Trakkit™ moves outside that area, you get an alert

How Trakkit™ GPS Communicates

Your Trakkit™ uses GPS satellite signals to pinpoint its location. Trakkit™ stores location and other data in its generous onboard memory. Depending on configuration and conditions, Trakkit™ communicates over 2.4GHz Public Wi-Fi with these features:

  • Sending an alert to the cloud when it breaches a geofence or moves unexpectedly
  • Upload logged data to the cloud, over Home Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot
  • Use its near-field zBeacon* to alert any enabled mobile device with the Trakkit™ app installed
  • Auto-alert the Trakkit™ community that it has been stolen

*zBeacon detect feature currently enabled for Android devices only

Trakkit GPS Customer FAQ

Q. If this is powered by wifi, how does it track in real time ?

It provides real-time tracking when it detects Public WiFi in the area.
So, if your car is driving by hotels, airports, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Just about any area with a building has WiFi.

Q. But considering how close you have to be to get a wifi signal, there's a chance that (especially if stolen) it could stay in the "dark zone" completely by accident, no ?

It has a long range, you’d be surprised. Yes, there are dark zones, but those are areas where there is nothing…eventually the car has to go past something with wifi…it only takes 1 or 2 pings, and the police can find quickly.

If you need vehicle location because of anti-theft, or vehicle location history, regardless of wifi, then Trakkit will work great.
If you think through each scenario, you don’t always need the constant real-time location if the vehicle was stolen or towed, when the vehicle was seen at an intersection heading in a certain direction, this is all the police need to find it.

Trakkit is meant to be installed permanently in a car as a peace of mind and added security.

But for best performance, it needs to be mounted in front of the radiator with a power cable.