Access Trakkit™ from Anywhere

The Trakkit™ App for Android and iOS connects to your Trakkit™ GPS devices through Wi-Fi and the Internet. Or access your Trakkit™ from a web browser. From anywhere in the world, you can:

  • get Alerts on Location change or movement/vibration
  • no need for Cellular or Sim card to work
  • auto upload gps logs using your phone’s hotspot or Home Wi-Fi
  • report a device as stolen to the Trakkit™ community
  • set a geo-fence zone that defines the safe/normal area, so that when your Trakkit™ moves outside that area, you get an alert

How Trakkit™ Communicates

Your Trakkit™ uses GPS satellite signals to pinpoint its location. Trakkit™ stores location and other data in its generous onboard memory. Depending on configuration and conditions, Trakkit™ communicates over 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and can:

  • sending an alert to the cloud when it breaches a geofence or moves unexpectedly
  • upload logged data to the cloud, over Home Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot
  • use its near-field zBeacon* to alert any enabled mobile device with the Trakkit™ app installed
  • auto-alert the Trakkit™ community that it has been stolen

*zBeacon detect feature currently enabled for Android devices only

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