How Our Wi-Fi GPS Tracker Works

 Trakkit™ GPS uses Wi-Fi and the Internet to send its data, No Cellular or SIM cards, and  you can access and control your Trakkit™ from a Web Browser or Mobile App.
Here are some of the things you can do

  • Get Alerts on Location change or movement/vibration
  • No need for Cellular Service or Sim card to work
  • Auto Upload GPS logs using your phone’s hotspot or Home Wi-Fi
  • Report a device as stolen to the Trakkit™ community*
  • Set a Geo-Fence zone that defines the safe/normal area, so that when your Trakkit™ moves outside that area, you get an alert

How Trakkit™ GPS Communicates

Your Trakkit™ uses GPS satellite signals to pinpoint its location. Trakkit™ stores location and other data in its generous onboard memory. Depending on configuration and conditions, Trakkit™ communicates over 2.4GHz Public Wi-Fi with these features:

  • Sending an alert to the cloud when it breaches a geofence or moves unexpectedly
  • Upload logged data to the cloud, over Home Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot
  • Use its near-field zBeacon* to alert any enabled mobile device with the Trakkit™ app installed
  • Auto-alert the Trakkit™ community that it has been stolen

*zBeacon detect feature currently enabled for Android devices only

Trakkit GPS Customer FAQ

Q. If this is powered by wifi, how does it track in real time ?

It provides real-time when it detects Public WiFi in the area.
So, if your car is driving by hotels, airports, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

Q. But considering how close you have to be to get a wifi signal, there's a chance that (especially if stolen) it could stay in the "dark zone" completely by accident, no ?

It has a long range, you’d be surprised. Yes, there are dark zones, but those are areas where there is nothing…eventually the car has to go past something with wifi…it only takes 1 or 2 pings, and the police can find quickly.

If you need vehicle location because of anti-theft, or vehicle location history, regardless of wifi, then Trakkit will work great.
If you think through each scenario, you don’t always need the constant real-time location if the vehicle was stolen or towed, when the vehicle was seen at an intersection heading in a certain direction, this is all the police need to find it.

Trakkit is meant to be installed permanently in a car as a peace of mind and added security.

But for best performance, it needs to be mounted in front of the radiator with a power cable.