Trakkit App on Android showing multiple Trakkits
Trakkit GPS in Hand

Trakkit™ Features

  • Global GPS Tracking and Logging using Wi-Fi
  • Automatically uploads Logs to your home/office Wi-Fi
  • Motion Detection, Tracking and Temperature Alerts
  • No Monthly or Yearly Fees for Basic Plan
  • No Need to Recharge every 7 Days like Other Trackers
  • Long Battery Life (typically months)
  • Optional External Power via USB Cable
  • Uses 2 Standard AAA Lithium Batteries (included)

School Backpack

• Security and peace of mind for your Kids
• Trakkit is small enough to put in a backpack
• Think of it as a Personal GPS Tracker
• Trakkit can last for months depending on the tracking mode it is in

Trakkit can be hidden in a bookbag Trakkit can be hidden in a bookbag
Travel luggage suitcase at the airport terminal with Trakkit hidden inside

Going On A Trip?

• Put one in your Luggage or Suitcase
• Even if your bag is in another country, Trakkit will tell you
• Since Wi-Fi and GPS are Global standards, Trakkit works in any country
• Use the App's Proximity feature to locate your bag in the airport

Track Your Bike

• Conceal it on your Bike or Motorcycle
• If it moves, Trakkit will connect to your Home Wi-Fi and send you an Alert
• If someone steals it, Trakkit will notify you of its location

Hidden GPS in Locked bicycle at bicycle in the city

A New Kind of Tracking