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No Sim GPS Tracker

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  • WiFi GPS Tracker for Car, Trailers, Bikes
  • Full GPS Logging, Uploads via WiFi
  • Motion Detection, Tracking and Temperature Alerts
  • No SIM card or Cell Service needed
  • No Need to Recharge every week like Other Trackers
  • No Monthly Fees, Long Battery Life (typically months)
  • Optional External Power using a Micro USB Cable
  • Uses 2 Energizer AAA Lithium Batteries (included)

GPS Tracker for Car

• Conceal it on your Car or Vehicle
• If it moves, you can get Alerts using your Home WiFi
• Easy install with our power cable
Check out the best place to install it in your car: See the Article Here

GPS Tracker for Bike

• Conceal it on your Bike or Motorcycle
• If it moves, you can set Alerts using your Home WiFi
• If stolen, use our Trakkit App to see the last reported GPS location
• No Subscription needed, ever!

GPS Tracker for Bike or Motorcycle
GPS Tracker for Luggage

GPS Tracker for Luggage

• Put one in your Luggage or Suitcase
• Even if your bag is in another country, Trakkit will find it
• Since WiFi and GPS are Global standards, Trakkit works in any country
• Use the App's Proximity feature to locate your bag in the airport terminal
• Small size GPS tracker to fit inside any luggage or purse

Small GPS Tracker for Backpack

• Security and peace of mind for your Kids
• Small enough to put in any bag (only: 2.2"x1.3"x.75")
• Think of it as a Personal GPS Tracker
• Battery can last for months with typical usage

Trakkit GPS device in Bookbag

A New Kind of Asset Tracking Device

Map your Trakkit™ location with our App. Available for Android and IOS and Desktop.

Trakkit GPS

The Trakkit GPS App

- Each App can help detect other lost Trakkits
- Share Trakkit with your Friends if they have the App
- Change Modes: WiFi, GPS Tracking, or GPS Logging
- There are No Monthly Fees, No Subscription
- Put it in Trunk of your Car, Luggage, Bicycle, etc.
- Set Notification Methods: Email, App, *SMS, etc.
- Get Alerts when Battery Low

Vehicle GPS Tracker

- For Best mounting locations in a Vehicle, see our article.
Click >> Vehicle Installation.

Tracking for Trailers

- Do you have a Fleet of Trucks?
See our Fleet Pages.

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Trakkit App with GPS Logging
Map showing GPS Logging

Trakkit GPS Feature Comparison

Trakkit GPS Basic


  • GPS Tracking and Logging
  • Motion Activated
  • Internal Temperature Logging
  • Low Power Sleep Mode
  • Geo-Fencing
  • 2,000 Track Points Retention

Trakkit GPS Fleet


  • GPS Tracking and Logging
  • Motion Activated
  • Internal Temperature Logging
  • Low Power Sleep Mode
  • Advanced Geo-Fencing
  • 1 Year Data Retention
  • Voltage Logging *
  • External Temperature capable *
  • Reefer Engine Hours Logging *
  • Advanced Web Dashboard
  • First Alert Notification
  • API for Track Data Available
  • MiFi Hotspot Capable
  • New Feature Upgrades via Firmware
  • * Cable Kit required TK-PC2


  • 2.25″(58mm)L x 1.28″(34mm)W x .75″(18mm)H
  • 1.2 oz (34 grams) with batteries
  • 2 x AAA Energizer Lithium Disposable batteries (pre-installed)
  • Can be hardwired from a Micro USB cable
  • FCC and IC Certified