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6 Best 12V Batteries for RV and Dry Camping: A Comprehensive Guide

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Last Updated Jan 2, 2024

As seasoned campers, we know the importance of a reliable RV battery when you’re out in the wilderness, away from civilization and power outlets. A good RV battery is your lifeblood, powering everything from your lights to your refrigerator. RV batteries are essential and cannot be understated for dry camping or boondocking.

This guide takes you deep into the world of 12V RV batteries. We’ll review the top 6 options on the market, explore the different types, and offer tips to aid you in finding the best one for your dry camping needs.

In a rush? Not to worry! Below is a quick comparison of the six RV batteries we reviewed.

Product NameReviewPriceRating
Battle Born 12v LiFePO4
Best 12v battery for rv and dry camping
Jump to Review$925.00

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4.7 stars (722 ratings)
Renogy AGM
best rv battery on a budget
Jump to Review$209.99

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4.5 stars (2218 ratings)
Renogy 12V Gel Battery
Renogy 12v rv battery
Jump to Review$207.99

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4.6 stars (699 ratings)
LiTime 12V LiFePO4
LifePO4 12v rv battery
Jump to Review$329.99

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4.5 stars (1868 ratings)
Interstate Batteries 12V
Best RV Battery for the Money
Jump to Review$279.99

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4.5 stars (194 ratings)
LiTime 12v 100Ah mini
Jump to Review$369.99

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4.6 stars (783 ratings)

30+ Years Combined of RV Love and Adventure Experience

The Trakkit GPS team brings over 30 years of combined RV experience, enriching this guide on the best 12V batteries for RV and dry camping with extensive expertise and real-life insights.

Our in-depth understanding stems from numerous RV trips and dry camping adventures, allowing us to offer practical, tried-and-tested advice.

This background enhances the trustworthiness and relevance of our recommendations, making the guide a valuable resource for RV enthusiasts.

Now, let’s start off with the basics

Types of 12V RV Batteries

To find the optimal 12V RV batteries, it’s crucial to understand the various types available. Let’s dive into the details!

Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries (FLA or SLA)

Also known as wet cells, these are the most common type of RV batteries. They are affordable, available almost everywhere, and come in various sizes. However, flooded lead-acid batteries require regular maintenance to ensure they stay in good working order. This includes checking the water levels and topping them up as needed. SLA (sealed lead acid) requires no maintenance.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

AGM batteries are one type of lead-acid battery with plenty of benefits. They’re sealed and maintenance-free, so you don’t need to worry about upkeep. Additionally, they may be more expensive than FLAs, but their increased durability and lifespan make them a worthwhile investment.

Gel Cell Batteries

Gel batteries are another type of sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid battery. Instead of using a liquid electrolyte like FLAs, they use a gel. This makes them more resistant to leakage and more sensitive to charging conditions. Gel cell batteries are more expensive than FLAs but have a shorter lifespan than Lithium-Ion or LiFePO4 batteries.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

These are the most modern type of RV battery, offering several advantages over lead-acid batteries. They are lighter, smaller, and can deliver more usable capacity. They can also be discharged more deeply and have a longer lifespan. However, they are significantly more expensive.

Lithium Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries

These specific types of lithium-ion batteries are becoming the best RV batteries on the market. They are more stable and safer than other lithium-ion batteries, are much lighter, portable, can be deep-cycled, and have a longer lifespan.

However, like other lithium-ion batteries, they are a bit more expensive. The upside is that they can be stored on their side, unlike lead-acid batteries, which must remain upright.

Deep Cycle Batteries

RV deep cycle batteries are designed to withstand repeated deep discharges and recharge. These batteries can provide consistent power over extended periods. RV deep-cycle batteries are ideal for powering appliances and devices in RVs.

Every RV battery type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages to consider. Choosing the 12v RV battery that best suits your needs depends on your budget and how you plan to utilize your RV.


A good battery charger is critical for your RV battery performance and lifespan, it must be matched to the type of batteries you are using, i.e. Lead-Acid, LiFePO4, etc.

The 7 Best 12V Batteries for RVs and Dry Camping

Best RV Battery for Dry Camping: Battle Born 12v LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Best RV Battery for Dry Camping

Price: $925.00
Capacity: 100Ah
Battery Type: LiFePO4
Weight:  31 Lbs.
Dimensions: 6.88″D x 12.75″W x 9″H

Setup & Install Experience:
We recently installed a Battle Born 12v LiFePO4 RV Deep Cycle Battery in our travel trailer for an extended dry camping trip. We were impressed with its high capacity of 100Ah and lightweight design, weighing much less than other RV deep cycle batteries at 31 lbs. We already had a solar panel and charge controller and found the recharge time was commendable.

The battery has an optional temperature monitoring system to help keep it within its optimal temperature range, which we installed for added assurance. If necessary, you can charge the battery from AC, solar, or a generator.

It was simple to set up and install, fitting perfectly into the designated battery compartment in our RV. It was also an excellent fit for our trailer’s limited space requirements, as LiFePO4 batteries can be placed on their side. Overall, we were pleased with this battery’s performance and look forward to continuing to use it after our tests.


  • High capacity of 100Ah
  • Lightweight design – only 31 lbs.
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Fits perfectly


  • Relatively expensive compared to other types of batteries

Performance and Overall Experience:
The Battle Born 12v LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery performed excellently on our road trip. We were pleased it provided a steady and reliable power supply to run our RV’s appliances and electronics during our extended dry camping experience.

This RV battery held its charge for long periods, even when multiple devices and appliances ran simultaneously. We also noticed an impressive discharge rate, which allowed us to use more power than we expected without draining the RV battery too quickly.

Overall, these Battle Born batteries proved an excellent investment for our travels. Its high capacity, lightweight design, easy setup and installation, and reliable performance made it a perfect choice for extended RV trips.

Tested Features: 

  • Capacity
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Setup/Install
  • Performance
  • Reliability

Technical Details:

Battery TypeLiFePO4 deep cycle battery
Weight22.6 lbs
Model numberBattle Born Batteries BB10012
Dimensions6.88″D x 12.75″W x 9″H

Best RV Battery on a Budget: Renogy AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Best RV Battery on a Budget: Renogy AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Price: $209.99
Capacity: 100Ah
Battery Type: AGM Battery
Weight: 63.9lbs
Dimensions: 13.1 x 6.9 x 8.6 inch

Setup & Install Experience:

We recently purchased the Renogy AGM Battery and were impressed with its features and performance. These deep cycle batteries are easy to set up and install, as they come pre-charged and ready to go. It also has a 2-year material and workmanship warranty guarantee, so we knew we were getting a reliable product. Weighing in at 63.9 lbs, this 12V 100Ah deep cycle RV battery is heavy but offers plenty of benefits.

We found the 2000A max discharge current very useful for powering appliances or devices in our RV while dry camping or boondocking, giving us peace of mind knowing that everything would stay powered up even during longer trips without access to an AC outlet. All in all, this battery fits the bill!


  • Easy to install and comes pre-charged and ready to go
  • One of the better deep-cycle batteries
  • 2-year material and workmanship warranty guarantee
  • 2000A max discharge current for powering appliances or devices in an RV
  • Better performance at extreme temperatures
  • Safe charging with a low self-discharge rate of 3%


  • Heavy

Performance and Overall Experience:

On one of our past road trips, we were able to put the Renogy AGM Deep Cycle RV Battery to the test. We spent much time camping off the grid and relied on this RV battery for power. We had no issues with consistent performance, even in extreme weather conditions. Remember that this is not a starting battery; they are deep-cycle RV batteries.

It provided reliable, dependable power throughout our trip to keep our appliances running smoothly. We also found that it recharged quickly while plugged into an AC outlet, and the low self-discharge rate meant we didn’t lose too much charge when unplugged between stops.

Overall, we were pleased with the performance and reliability of this RV battery during our travels and have been confident in its ability to provide us with plenty of power for camping trips from now on.

Tested Features:

  • Easy setup
  • Warranty guarantee
  • 2000A max discharge current
  • Performance in extreme temperatures
  • Low self-discharge rate

Technical Details:

Dimensions 13.1 x 6.9 x 8.6 inch
Weight 63.9lbs
Model numberB075RFXHYK
Batteries1 x AGM Battery

Best RV Battery for Safety: Renogy 12V 100AH Hybrid Gel Battery

Best RV Battery for Safety: Renogy 12V 100AH Hybrid Gel Battery

Price: $207.99
Capacity: 100Ah
Battery Type: Gel Cell RV Battery
Weight:  63.9 lbs
Dimensions: 13.1 x 6.9 x 8.6 inch

Setup & Install Experience:

We recently installed the Renogy 12V 100AH Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery in our RV and have been impressed with its performance. This RV battery is compact, making it easy to install.

Once up and running, the battery has provided consistent power over extended periods without any issues or problems. We appreciated the maintenance-free design and its ability to withstand deep discharges while providing reliable energy output.


  • Maintenance-free design
  • Can withstand deep discharges
  • Reliable energy output over extended periods


  • Heavier compared to other 12v batteries
  • Sensitive to charging conditions

Performance and Overall Experience:

The Renogy 12V 100AH Deep Cycle Hybrid Gel Battery has proven to be a reliable source of power for our RV. We were surprised by the energy output over extended periods, even when subjected to deep discharges. The battery is heavy compared to other 12v RV batteries. The maintenance-free design ensures that we don’t have to worry about regular upkeep and allows us to focus on enjoying our travels.

Overall, our experience with this battery has been positive, and we are satisfied with its performance.

Tested Features:

  • Compact design
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Deep discharges resistance
  • Energy output

Technical Details:

Dimensions13.1 x 6.9 x 8.6 inch
Weight 63.9 lbs
Model numberB084M48255
Batteries Gel Cell Battery – Deep Cycle

LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Price: $329.99
Capacity: 100Ah
Battery Type: LiFePO4
Weight: 24.25 Pounds
Dimensions: 13 x 6.77 x 8.43 inches

Setup & Install Experience:

The LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery is the best rv battery for RVers looking for an efficient, lightweight, and powerful battery. This 12v battery features a built-in battery management system (BMS) with up to 15000 cycles.

The setup process was straightforward, and we were impressed by its 95% efficiency rating and the 10-year lifetime guarantee it comes with.

Weighing only 24.25 pounds, this battery is extraordinarily portable yet provides enough power to run most RV appliances and devices while dry camping or boondocking. Overall, we were pleased with our initial experience with this product.


  • Built-in 100A BMS for convenience and safety
  • Up to 15000 cycles for long life expectancy
  • Extremely lightweight; easy to transport in RV or other vehicles
  • 95%* Efficiency rate, higher than most 12V RV batteries on the market today
  • 10-year lifetime guarantee so you can be confident in your purchase decision


  • Not suitable as a starting/power battery

Performance and Overall Experience:

The performance of the LiTime 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery was outstanding. It provided excellent power output and ran our RV appliances and devices without issues. We found that it had a consistent production and maintained its strength over time. The battery is also lightweight, which makes it easy to transport from place to place.

Overall, our experience with this battery was positive. It worked efficiently and provided reliable power for us during our RV trips. We were particularly impressed by its longevity, as it can last up to 15000 cycles and comes with a 10-year lifetime guarantee. We recommend this battery to RVers looking for an efficient, lightweight, and powerful battery for their next adventure.

Tested Features:

  • Built-in BMS
  • Cycle expectancy
  • Efficiency rate
  • Weight and portability
  • Output power
  • Longevity

Technical Details:

Dimensions13 x 6.77 x 8.43 inches
Weight24 Pounds
Model number12V100AH
BatteriesLiFePO4 Battery

Best RV Battery for the Money: Interstate Batteries 12V 110Ah AGM RV Deep Cycle Battery

Best RV Battery for the Money: Interstate Batteries 12V 110Ah AGM RV Deep Cycle Battery

Price: $279.99
Capacity: 110Ah
Battery Type: AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Weight:  65 Lbs.
Dimensions: 13.31″ x 6.69″ x 8.54″ 

Setup & Install Experience:

We recently set up the Interstate Batteries 12V 110Ah RV Deep Cycle AGM Battery in our RV, which is performing exceptionally well. It efficiently powers all of our appliances during dry camping or boondocking.

The battery uses VRLA Technology to prevent spilling and over-pressurization, so we felt confident it would last a sufficient length of time, even under heavy use conditions. Plus, the fact that this company has been in business for over 70 years gave us added assurance of their quality products. Overall, we’ve been very satisfied with this battery!


  • Long life with deep discharge uses
  • VRLA technology to prevent spilling and over-pressurization
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Highly durable and resistant to vibration


  • Heavy – Not very portable

Performance and Overall Experience:

The Interstate Batteries: 12V 110Ah RV Deep Cycle AGM Battery has performed exceptionally well in our travels being nomads for a year. The RV deep cycle battery was easy to install and set up, even without professional help, so we could quickly get it up and running with minimal hassle.

We’ve been impressed with its deep cycle capabilities, allowing us to keep powering our appliances and devices over extended periods with consistent performance. Additionally, its VRLA technology ensures the battery is safe and reliable for long-term use. The 65 lb weight of the battery was manageable enough for us to transport it around if needed too.

Based on our experience, we are very satisfied with this battery and recommend it to other boondockers as the best rv battery for safety!

Tested Features:

  • VRLA Technology
  • Deep Cycle Capabilities
  • Installation
  • Durability and Vibration Resistance

Technical Details:

Dimensions13.31″ x 6.69″ x 8.54″ 
Weight65 Lbs.
Model number ‎‎DCM0100
BatteriesAGM Deep Cycle

Best RV Battery for Camping: LiTime 12V 100Ah MINI LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Best RV Battery for Camping: LiTime 12V 100Ah MINI LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Price: $369.99
Capacity: 100Ah mini
Battery Type: LiFePO4
Weight:  19 Lbs.
Dimensions: 10.23 x 5.23 x 8.95 inches

Setup & Install Experience:

The LiTime 12V 100Ah MINI LiFePO4 Lithium Battery is among the best batteries for camping on the market. It’s small size and lightweight design impressed us, making it easy to install in tight spaces and even mount upside down if needed.

It also has an IP65 waterproof rating, so there is no need to worry about the battery getting damaged in wet conditions. The battery can be conveniently recharged from AC power, a generator, or solar.

Overall, we found this battery an excellent choice for RV owners who need reliable power at a reasonable price point.


  • Small size and lightweight design for easy installation in tight spaces
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Can be recharged from AC power, generator, or solar panels
  • Optimum internal design and compact structure
  • 10-year or 15000 life cycles


  • Higher price than other 12V battery models available on the market

Performance and Overall Experience:

The LiTime 12V 100Ah MINI LiFePO4 Lithium Battery delivers excellent performance for an RV battery. Its optimal internal design and compact structure can withstand temperature extremes while being IP65 waterproof. This makes this 12v battery ideal for other uses, including on the water.

The recharge time from AC power, generator, or solar is also speedy, making it ideal for a multiple-battery setup. You could keep a battery plugged in charging while using the second. We found that this battery had a reliable reserve capacity over extended periods and could handle deeper discharges than other types of batteries.

Overall, we were impressed with the reliability and performance of this battery and would highly recommend it to any RV owner looking for the best RV batteries available.

Tested Features:

  • Recharge time
  • Waterproofing
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Capacity

Technical Details:

Dimensions10.23 x 5.23 x 8.95 inches
Weight19 Lbs.
Model numberB0BX8S2VJ5
Batteries1 x LiFePO4 Battery

What to Look for Before Making a Purchase

Choosing the best 12V battery for your RV can be a challenge if you’re unsure what you’re looking for, but here are a few factors to consider when making a purchase:

Battery Type

The type of battery you should get will depend on your needs and budget. Opt for a lithium-ion battery if you want a long-lasting, lightweight battery with fast charging. Flooded lead-acid batteries may be the best choice if you’re on a budget, but they will be more than triple the weight.

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is the measure of energy storage in a battery, with higher capacity providing longer-lasting results between charges. It’s essential to consider the amp-hour (AH) rating to make the best choice for your needs.

Battery Lifespan

Battery lifespan is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a battery. Lithium batteries have the longest lifespan of around 15,000 cycles, while flooded lead-acid and AGM RV batteries have the shortest at about 750.

Battery Maintenance

Consider the maintenance required for each battery type. Some RV batteries require regular maintenance, while others are maintenance-free. For example, Flooded Lead Acid batteries require regular checking and topping off of the electrolyte levels, while AGM batteries are sealed and maintenance-free.

Compatibility with Solar Panels

If you want to use solar panels as a power source, it’s important to ensure that the charge controller you use can handle the solar panel voltage input and is compatible with your battery type.


Consider the weight of the battery, mainly if you have limited space in your RV. Lithium-ion RV batteries are typically the lightest, while lead-acid RV batteries are heavier.


Finally, consider your budget. Lithium batteries are generally pricier than lead-acid batteries, so you may need to consider the cost when purchasing.


Finding the best 12V battery for RV and dry camping can be challenging. Still, you can find the perfect fit for your RV and camping style by considering your specific needs, the types of RV batteries available, and critical features like amp hours and cold-cranking amps.

When planning your next camping trip, remember to bring a reliable GPS unit to navigate your way to the best campsites. Check out our recommendations for the best RV GPS units to ensure you never get lost on your adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions About 12v RV Batteries

How do I keep my RV battery charged while dry camping?

Solar panels are an excellent green energy source for keeping your RV batteries charged while dry camping. A well-sized solar panel system can meet most, if not all, of your electricity needs.

How often should I replace my RV battery?

The lifespan of an RV battery depends on the type and how well it’s maintained. Generally, lead-acid batteries last 3-5 years, while lithium batteries can last up to 10 years even with deep cycling.

Can I use a car battery for my RV?

While lead-acid car batteries can provide a burst of energy for starting engines, they’re not designed for the deep cycle use that RVs require. Therefore, using the best deep-cycle battery for your RV is better.

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