Trimble S7 Robotic Total Station


Trimble S7 Features:

  • Angular accuracy: 1″, 2″, 3″, or 5″
  • EDM technology: DR PLUS
  • EDM accuracy: 1.0 mm + 2 ppm (Prism)/2.0 mm + 2 ppm (DR)
  • Maximum range: 5,500 m
  • Forensic mapping and imaging capabilities
  • Autolock technology for faster prism acquisition and tracking
  • Scanning, imaging, and surveying capabilities combined into one solution
  • SureScan technology for feature-rich scans
  • MagDrive smooth and silent servo technology for quick dimensions without compromising accuracy
  • VISION technology for video robotic control, scene documentation, and more

The Trimble S7 robotic total station is a powerful tool for surveying, mapping, and public safety applications. It offers high accuracy and precision, with features like autolock technology, SureScan technology, and MagDrive servo technology. It also has forensic mapping and imaging capabilities, making it a useful tool for public safety and forensics applications.
See S7 datasheet for detailed specs.

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The Trimble S7 Total Station stands as a hallmark of precision and versatility in the realm of surveying and engineering. This advanced instrument embodies a blend of top-notch technology, rendering it an indispensable tool for professionals striving for meticulous measurements and streamlined workflows. When pitted against the Trimble S5, the S7 unveils an array of features that set it a notch higher. Furthermore, its compatibility with a variety of data collectors makes it a highly adaptable choice for modern surveyors.

Core Features of Trimble S7

  • Driftless Operation:
    • With its impeccable FineLock technology, the Trimble S7 eliminates the need for manual aiming, paving the way for driftless operations and precise measurements.
  • Vision and Scanning:
    • Equipped with Trimble VISION technology, the S7 facilitates photogrammetry, allowing users to capture high-resolution imagery directly.
    • Offers scanning capabilities that are instrumental in obtaining dense point clouds, thus providing a clear geometric insight into the survey area.
  • MagDrive Technology:
    • The MagDrive technology propels a rapid, smooth, and silent operation, ensuring accuracy even at an astonishing speed.
  • SureScan Technology:
    • SureScan technology enables optimized high-density scanning, ensuring data richness alongside operational efficiency.

Distinguishing Features: S7 vs S5

  • Enhanced Precision:
    • While the Trimble S5 is a robust choice for standard operations, the S7 takes precision a step further with its advanced FineLock and MagDrive technologies.
  • Advanced Imaging and Scanning:
    • Unlike the S5, the S7 boasts Trimble VISION and SureScan technologies, paving the way for superior imaging and high-density scanning.
  • Automated Operation:
    • The S7’s automated capabilities substantially reduce manual interventions, thereby ensuring a streamlined workflow as opposed to the S5.

Compatible Data Collectors

  • Trimble TSC7:
    • With a larger, 7-inch touch screen and Windows 10 Pro operating system, the TSC7 provides a robust and user-friendly interface for the Trimble S7 Total Station.
  • Trimble T10:
    • The Trimble T10 Tablet is a potent choice for professionals seeking a seamless blend of field ruggedness and high-performance data processing.
  • Trimble CU:
    • Offering a compact yet powerful solution, the Trimble CU Control Unit facilitates effortless data management and works seamlessly with the S7 Total Station.

The Trimble S7 Total Station is indeed a leap towards fostering accuracy and efficiency in the surveying domain. Its cutting-edge features coupled with its superior compatibility with various data collectors make it an invaluable asset for modern-day surveyors and engineers


Trimble S7 Datasheet