A Guide to Choosing the Best GPS Tracker for your Car
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A Guide to Choosing the Best GPS Tracker for your Car

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Considering the current value of cars and other vehicles, having a GPS tracker seems like a no-brainer. But, not all of us monitor our vehicles closely.

Do you know where your car is right now?

Let’s say you’ve bought a nice car for a loved one, but how can you tell if they’re driving it safely?

Also, someone who runs a business that maintains vehicle fleets for their staff needs to keep track of those vehicles 24/7. If you want to monitor a car and see how it’s driving—be it your own, a loved one’s, or a company vehicle—a GPS tracker for car is all you need.

It will provide driving logs with pinpoint accuracy. It can also give the exact location of your car at a moment’s notice, depending on the model you choose.

In this article, we’re going to help you learn all about GPS trackers for cars and why it’s important to use one for your own vehicle. We’ll also provide some crucial things to consider when choosing a GPS tracker for vehicles. And lastly, we’ll introduce you to one of, if not, the best GPS tracker for car in the market!

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What is a GPS Tracker?

A Guide to Choosing the Best GPS Tracker for your Car


A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker is a small, portable device that allows car owners and fleet managers to monitor and track their vehicles. A real-time GPS tracker for car is capable of providing instant speed and location data, and optionally, may record or log such information for later examination.

Some car GPS trackers allow you to set up real-time alerts to go off when the driver speeds or deviates from a particular area.

GPS Tracker for a Car

Tracker in a Car


GPS tracking makes use of a network of satellites in order to identify the location of a device specifically built for that purpose. So, basically, a GPS tracker uses a process called trilateration, which determines its physical location based on the distance from at least 3 GPS satellites. It’s the same technology used by your in-car navigation system and mobile phone.

See our article on How GPS Works for detailed information.

The real difference between a GPS tracker and a vehicle navigation systems is that the former records your location, speed, heading and/or broadcasts its location in real-time, and the latter provides you with your location, as well as driving directions.

GPS trackers capable of broadcasting “real-time location” using the same technology your phone does to make a call or connect to the internet. Thus, most GPS trackers for cars require a monthly subscription fee.

7 Reasons Why It Is Important to Use GPS Tracker for Car

#1: Provides Better Security

Having a GPS tracker will provide security, and peace of mind, as you know the car’s location can be monitored at any time. So, if your car gets stolen, you can track its location right away.

Some GPS tracking devices boast advanced features like an automatic alert to the nearest police station contingent upon an accident or built-in access to emergency help. This is particularly helpful for rental vehicle businesses as their passengers will feel more confident knowing the car is being monitored.

#2: Improves Workforce Productivity

Car GPS trackers allow business owners to effectively monitor their personnel and reduce idle time, thereby improving productivity.

#3: Lowers Carbon Footprint

A GPS tracker for car gives you information on the best and shortest route, saving on your fuel consumption. Also, taking shorter routes is a great way to minimize carbon emissions. And not just that, automated reports will further save paper, meaning you’re saving the trees as well.

#4: Delights Customers

Car GPS trackers offer delivery tracking in real-time, providing detailed information about the exact location of the delivery truck. This data can be used to provide clients an estimated time of arrival of their stuff. Sharing this data will certainly satisfy your customers and make them want to use your service again in the future.

#5: Saves Money

Setting up a vehicle tracker on your fleet offers several benefits. Reports generated by the tracker will help you evaluate the attendance and performance of your employees. No more needless overtime just because an employee got lost and it took them forever to deliver the goods. You can also give your client appropriate billing information.

#6: Helps Secure Your Assets

A vehicle GPS tracker will help prevent thieves from driving away with your stuff. If your car, laptop, luggage, and other essentials are equipped with a  GPS tracker, you can easily locate and recover your items in case of theft.

#7: Improves Communication

A GPS vehicle tracking system logs data on your car’s arrival and departure time at particular places, so there is no need to call the driver or the office that the given task is completed, which reduces costs on phone bills and other administrative operations.

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a GPS Tracker for Car

#1: Passive vs. Real-Time

Passive GPS trackers (GPS Loggers) store data in the unit itself. This data can be uploaded to the server once the car returns to its headquarters.

On the other hand, a real-time GPS car tracker transmits its location immediately, so there’s no chance of data loss.

#2: Dispatch

With real-time car GPS tracking, it’s easy to learn your vehicle’s status and identify its location whenever needed. This allows owners to handle cases of emergency.

#3: Cost

The expenses included in passive and real-time GPS solutions are almost identical. Although many assume the costs of real-time vehicle GPS tracking are higher compared to passive solutions, with enhanced infrastructure and technology, the costs of these devices have reduced dramatically.

#4: Access Control and User Management

If you own a vehicle fleet, working on the access control, user management, and commercial end are essential features of car management in your everyday business activities. With these nifty features, you can make addition and modification to each user profile.

Furthermore, you can control your access privileges via roles. You can assign one or multiple roles to a user. On top of that, you can categorize specific users into a group and view data related to the entire group.

#5: Notifications & Alerts

Real-time alerts and notifications are crucial, and it’s possible only with real-time GPS trackers. These devices allow anyone to track cars 24/7.

#6: Accidents

When it comes to accidents, the odds of losing data are high in passive solutions. Whereas with real-time GPS tracking devices, the last information prior to the accident would be transmitted successfully.

#7: Ease of Installation

When choosing a GPS tracker for car, you must consider the ease of installation and maintenance. Your device should be handy and installed beneath your car’s dashboard, under a seat, or in the trunk.

There are four comprehensive types of GPS: Portable Outdoor GPS, Marine GPS, Car Navigation GPS, and the GPS/PDA hybrid. Opt for the Car Navigation GPS that can be easily installed, is small, and lightweight.

If you are considering buying a GPS device, take these considerations into account. To ensure the safety and security of your possessions, choose a GPS-based car tracking device that meets all the above-mentioned criteria.

The next step is to help you find the best GPS tracker for car in 2019. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Trakkit™: Why Trakkit is a Great GPS Tracker for your Car

best gps tracker

Trakkit is one of the best car GPS trackers with no monthly fee for cars. It offers an innovative solution for vehicle tracking needs that uses Wi-Fi rather than Cellular for GPS tracking—this includes temperature monitoring, motion detection, and alerts.

Access from Anywhere

The Trakkit app for iOS and android connects to your Trakkit GPS device via Wi-Fi and the internet. You can also access your Trakkit from web browsers.

Trakkit gives you alerts on location change or vibration/movement. It provides the last location of your device, can auto-upload GPS logs using your smartphone’s Wi-Fi or hotspot, and sends auto-alert to the Trakkit™ community if the device gets stolen. You can further set a geo-fence zone to define the safe or regular area. This way, whenever your Trakkit moves outside the specified area, you’ll receive an alert.

How Trakkit Communicates

Trakkit uses GPS satellite signals to pinpoint the location. Its location and other data are stored in Trakkit’s robust onboard memory. Based on conditions and configuration, Trakkit communicates over 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi. It sends an alert to the cloud whenever it moves unexpectedly or breaches a geo-fence.

You can also upload logged the information and data to the cloud over Mobile Hotspot or Wi-Fi connection (faster). Trakkit uses its near-field zBeacon* to alert any smartphone that has the app installed and enabled.

Trakkit™ Features:

Key features:

  • Motion detection, temperature alerts, and tracking
  • Automatically uploads log data to your office/home Wi-Fi
  • Long battery life (lasts for months)
  • Runs on two Energizer AAA Lithium Batteries (also included in the box)
  • Comes with a micro USB port for external power use
  • Works without Cell Service or SIM card
  • No monthy/yearly fees for the Basic Plan.

For parents:

  • Better security for your children
  • Small enough to put it in your kid’s backpack
  • Works as a Personal GPS Tracking Device

For travelers:

  • Put one in your Suitcase or Luggage
  • Trakkit will find your bag outside the country
  • Works in any region as GPS and Wi-Fi are Global standards
  • The Proximity feature of the app helps you locate your travel bag in the airport terminal

For bikers:

  • Conceal it on your Motorcycle or Bike
  • Automatically connects to your Mobile Hotspot or Wi-Fi to send an alert if the bike moves
  • If your bike gets stolen, Trakkit will send you its current location

Set Up Your Trakkit GPS

Setting up Trakkit is as easy as it gets. Simply download and install the app from Google Play or App Store and follow the steps mentioned below.

Before we get started, you should know that the Trakkit app lets you activate your account and register new devices, receive notifications, tracking alerts and firmware updates, and manage your subscription. You can also use the web app at trakkit.us.

Step 1: Sign Up and Add Your Trakkit GPS

Upon installation, hit the Sign Up button to create your Trakkit account. On the main menu, select Add Device, type in the MAC address (check the back of your Trakkit), and choose a Name. Do this for all your new Trakkits.

Step 2: Connect to Your Trakkit GPS

Plug-in the USB cable to put your Trakkit GPS into Wi-Fi Config Mode-this is required for the first-time activation. If you see a yellow light flashing, jump to the third and final step.

If you notice a solid yellow light, gently double-tap the Trakkit until a blue light shows up, then double-tap again (within 5 seconds), and the yellow light should start flashing.

Step 3: Configure Your Trakkit GPS

  • Open your Phone’s Wi-Fi settings and look for “Trakkit-XXXX” (the “XXXX” represents your MAC ID)
  • Connect to it
  • Once connected, navigate to from your web browser to access the Setup page.
  • Type or copy-paste the SSID and Password of your Home Wi-Fi and select Add Profile
  • When finished, select Reboot or unplug the cable

Your Trakkit GPS is now ready to use!

See more info here.

Wrapping Up

GPS tracker for car has become the solution to many individuals’ day-to-day problems.

For some, it has done wonders as people can be at peace, knowing the whereabouts of their loved ones. For businesses, it’s become the third eye, and nothing can be booted from it—be it everyday business tasks or analysis of bundles of data. It also helps in saving costs and brings efficiency to your business operations.

However, GPS trackers are often used to spy on others. That’s illegal in most circumstances. In fact, some jurisdictions have cyberstalking laws that precisely address GPS tracking. If you have any legal concerns, seek advice from a professional.

Even in the case of tracking an employee or a teen driver, the main goals are safety, efficiency, and accountability, not spying.

Typically, if you own the vehicle, you can track it.


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